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Every business comes with its unique set of challenges and processes when it comes to operate their business with ease. We strongly believe that customized web application is the best resolution. Therefore, we design and develop software that is suitable for your business and meets your demand.

Web applications we build

Based on your requirement, we build all types of solutions. From interfacing the large database systems to integrating the complex solutions, we are ready to deliver.

Dynamic Web Apps with CMS
Customized Web Apps
Business Automation Web Solutions
ECommerce Web Apps
Web Portal

Why choose Zahraj Solutions?

At Zahraj Solutions, we analyze your business requirements and existing processes. Based on the detailed analysis, we provide end to end solutions with proper flowchart and software design. Our innovative team with great technical skills can help you develop a web application from scratch or redesign an existing application based on your needs. Our service doesn't end with development, we ensure proper after sale support and maintenance is provided.

What Makes us Better?

All our customized applications are scalable and built with cross platform standards. Quality is our highest priority when it comes to design and develop any projects.

Innovation and Creativity

Our experienced developers analyze your requirements and with the best software development practices, we aim to transform your needs with innovation.


Our team of highly experienced professionals with great technical skills help us generate results as expected by clients.


For all our services, we provide customized and affordable packages with reasonable rates to satisfy our clients objectives and needs. We are flexible in pricing as each business requires different services depending on their requirements and budget limit. No contract needed!!!

24/7 Support

Our support staff will always be available to provide after sales support.

Our Process
Your Pathway to Success


When developing a web application, we involve our client at every stage of the process. We follow an agile approach and encourage feedback allowing us to tweak the product until client's satisfaction. Our methodological approach has delivered outstanding results.

Step 1
Zahraj Solutions works together with you to understand and gather your business needs.
Step 2
Once we collect your requirement, we put up a plan to produce the right results.
Step 3
Here we move the information outlined in the planning stage further into reality.
Step 4
We take a strategic approach by keeping code organized and avoid future hassles by constantly testing as we develop.
Step 5
This stage we perform final polishing of design elements, deep testing of interactivity and features and run the project through the final diagnostics.
Step 6
By accompanying your feedback into the process, we finally deliver the product for public viewing.
Step 7
We provide right level of support to ensure your product is running smoothly.

Technologies we use

Industries we serve

Real Estate
Social Networking
Health and Fitness
Ecommerce/Online Shopping
Clothing and Shoes
Jewelry/ Apparels
Zahraj Solutions

Let's put up your tedious manual process at ease with Zahraj Solutions.

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Why zahraj solutions?

At Zahraj Solutions, we offer premium website design and development services at much affordable rates. Our innovative team with great technical skills can help you develop a new website from scratch or redesign an existing one to improve the quality and efficiency of your website. By selecting our services, you will unlock endless prospects to boost your business and website traffic which will help you stay abreast in the marketplace.

Why is it important to have a good Website?

With every business trying to gain attention of its clients in this digital world, it has become extremely important for businesses to not just have an online presence but to have a good visually attractive website that increases sales and ultimately generates more revenue. More than 90% of people would stay on the site and learn more about your brand if your design is appealing. Professional and unique website design will help your customers get the information they require about your company and will also make your organization more competitive online.

Why does your business need an impeccable design?

Every business needs to have a marketing strategy to make a strong impression for its clients, to gain maximum profit and to build customer relationship, retention and satisfaction. To perform all of the above, your business needs a stellar design to outsmart your competitors. Zahraj solutions have you covered!! We know what it takes to build your imagination.

Why does your business need high-quality content writing?

Every business needs to have a marketing strategy to build brand awareness and gain maximum audience. For that, your business needs a clever, illustrative and skilled writer who have in depth knowledge of all niches to outsmart your competitors.


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