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Social Media has transformed the world and its economy. It allows you to connect to your community and increase your brand awareness on an unprecedented scale. As businesses, it is vital and essential that you tap into the power of social media to reach out to your target audience.

Do you Wish to convert your social media crowd to your customers?

Yes, then you have come to right place, Zahraj solutions knows exactly how to transform your brand with digital innovations by increasing interactivity and providing following services.

Services we offer

Competitor Analysis
Set up Profile
Original Post Creations
Social Media Management
Brand Monitoring

What set's us apart?

At Zahraj Solutions, we provide social media marketing service to help you identify your target audience, expand your brand value and convert your prospects into customers. Our team of experts deliver eye-catching images and videos, inimitable content, optimized scheduling and analytics, so we can continue to enhance your results.

What can you expect from us?
Client Satisfaction

Our top most priority is client satisfaction and to work to exceed your expectations.

Better Brand Awareness

By utilizing our effective process to run your campaigns, we will ensure you get the best exposure to achieve your goals.

Higher ranking and conversions

Implementing our exceptional strategies, we will optimize your brand awareness on social media platforms, bringing more traffic to your website and increasing site's ranking in SERPs

Increase Sales and leads

We come up with adequate strategies to help you gain maximum leads and enhance your sales within a short span.

Cost Effective

We provide SMM service at much affordable rates to help you accomplish success on social media platforms.

Our Process
Your Pathway to Success

Step 1
Work together with clients, Identify Business Objective and Interest, Understand your target audience.
Step 2
Market Research, Competitor Analysis, Promotional strategies, Content planning, Social Media Scheduling.
Step 3
Design posts, graphics, images, icons, animations and content.
Step 4
Share online on scheduled time.
Step 5
Create detailed reports on the metrics of your social activity.

Industries we serve

Real Estate
Social Networking
Health and Fitness
Ecommerce/Online Shopping
Clothing and Shoes
Jewelry/ Apparels
Zahraj Solutions

Empower your business with Zahraj Solutions located in NJ, USA.

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How can we help you?

Why zahraj solutions?

At Zahraj Solutions, we offer premium website design and development services at much affordable rates. Our innovative team with great technical skills can help you develop a new website from scratch or redesign an existing one to improve the quality and efficiency of your website. By selecting our services, you will unlock endless prospects to boost your business and website traffic which will help you stay abreast in the marketplace.

Why is it important to have a good Website?

With every business trying to gain attention of its clients in this digital world, it has become extremely important for businesses to not just have an online presence but to have a good visually attractive website that increases sales and ultimately generates more revenue. More than 90% of people would stay on the site and learn more about your brand if your design is appealing. Professional and unique website design will help your customers get the information they require about your company and will also make your organization more competitive online.

Why does your business need an impeccable design?

Every business needs to have a marketing strategy to make a strong impression for its clients, to gain maximum profit and to build customer relationship, retention and satisfaction. To perform all of the above, your business needs a stellar design to outsmart your competitors. Zahraj solutions have you covered!! We know what it takes to build your imagination.

Why does your business need high-quality content writing?

Every business needs to have a marketing strategy to build brand awareness and gain maximum audience. For that, your business needs a clever, illustrative and skilled writer who have in depth knowledge of all niches to outsmart your competitors.


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